Tour Guide Service

To provide quality tourist services, we have              

          professional guide interpreters with junior college degrees or above. They serve as national guides, itinerary planners, and/or scenie spots narrators. The working languages are standard Chinese , Hainan dialect and English; rate of charge: 80RMB/hour.    

Medical Service 

          We provide tourists who get hurt by accident with timely and quality medical services.

          There are 2 doctors and 2 nurses in the emergency medical station.

          The emergency medical station provides 24-hour sound medical services for tourists, which is equipped with first-aid contact devices and ambulances. first-aid kits, stretchers, oxygen cylinders, and other commonly-used medicinesin emergency. Medical workers are available anywhere in the tourist attraction to conduct rescues. Critically ill patients can be transferred to other hospitals for further treatment. We signed medical coordination  agreements with Nongken Hospital to safeguard tourists’ life safety.

          Service Philosophy: we offer standard, considerate, courteous and passionate services to  help tourists to enjoy a satisfying trip. 

Service Call:0898-88837856

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