In Nanshan, Sanya, a land of blessings, making wishes is one of the popular folk customs in. In the scenic spot Sculpture of Elephants, twelve stone elephants, are made like live ones in various types. It is an ideal place for adults and kids. According to Buddhism stories, Sakyamuni was a six-tooth white elephant in prelife, so consequently, elephants are seen as a mascot of Buddhism. Here in the spot, twelve elephants respectively represent the twelve months, implying all-year-round luck.

     As early as one hundred years ago, the sheltering place of propitious elephants gathered the aura of heaven and earth. Now Tamarind trees with luxuriant foliage are flourishing here like a huge net of strength, under which travelers are passing by.

       Before their departure, travelers tend to leave their distinct thoughts. Thus, century-old tamarind trees have become blessing trees. Every tree representing best wishes is tied with numerous wishing cards swaying in the wind accompanied by morning bell and evening drum. Every blessing tree, with wishing cards and pious hearts, by accumulation, has enriched the plots for thousands of humanistic stories.

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